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''I had the pleasure to collaborate with Laura (violin, piano duo) in Philadelphia and she is an excellent and versatile musician that is hard to find! She has an exquisite taste in music and not only masters the classical style but enjoys playing music from any genre. I very much enjoyed working with her and discovering new music recommended by her! "


     Astghik Sakanyan ,Pianist, Piano Teacher, Sakanyan Music Academy, Philadelphia, USA

 "I had the pleasure to work in London with Laura Luca, on different occasions, both as a performer and a teacher. Her impressive technique and deep musicality have inspired me strongly in some of my own projects. Consequently, I invited her to teach a few of my students on an impromptu course. They have benefited greatly from her shared insights as an experienced pedagogue.
I am more than happy to warmly recommend her to play or teach in your school, institution or your family. Anyone lucky enough to hire her, will more than enjoy and learn from her being there."

Florica Grigoras BMus PGDip RCM

Orchestral musician and Professor at Abercorn International School Marylebone, Royal Academy of Music and Guildhall School of Music


"As Violinist and Violin Professor at the Greek Conservatory of Music and Polyphonic Choir of Patras, Laura was distinguished for her artistic competence, for her morals, consistency and professional conscientiousness, teaching students of all ages, with excellent artistic results."  


Conductor and Conservatory Director- Stavros Solomos, member for European 
Association Europa Cantat ,Greece

The Rueda family,Phildelphia,USA                      

 "I can't thank enough Laura for the talent and energy she put into my 7 years old son's lessons each week. He is over the moon to be playing violin with her."   


 "I had the pleasure to collaborate with Laura, and she played my original compositions with her heart. Such a splendid violinist! "

Composer/Piano Professor Dimitra Pitsou, Polyphonic Conservatory, Greece

"I have the privilege of being Laura’s student as an adult learner, and I can confidently say that she has had a profound impact on my violin journey. Laura possesses a unique ability to create a warm and encouraging environment that fosters growth and confidence. What truly sets her apart is her unwavering dedication to my progress.  She consistently goes above and beyond to provide additional resources, practice tips and personalized exercises that have tremendously improved my skills. I absolutely love having Laura as my instructor!"


Nick P., Philadelphia, USA


When I first started playing the violin, I had never played an instrument before, nor did I know how to read music. 

Laura’s teaching approach is not only rooted in deep technical knowledge but is also tailored to the individual needs of each student.  She patiently breaks down complex techniques into manageable steps, ensuring that I fully understand and internalize each concept before moving forward.  Her clear explanations, paired with her own exceptional skill as a violinist make the learning process enjoyable. I can't wait for my online lessons!


Georgia Papagiannopoulou ,Greece

I am an adult student who has had the pleasure of working with Laura for a little over a year now. She is absolutely amazing at recognizing how I learn, and using her skill and techniques to teach me in a way that works for me. I have progressed much faster than I anticipated and it’s definitely because of her dedication and commitment to me. Laura finds songs that interest me, which helps me want to practice more often. I’ve also watched her work with children. The way she adjusts her lessons for younger students and explains complex techniques in a way that they can understand what she’s teaching is incredible. One of my absolute favorite things about Laura is her kindness, patience and compassion when teaching. She always finds a way to instill confidence in me. She also always finds time to answer any questions I have and if I’m struggling with anything, she goes above and beyond to find another method to teach me so that I succeed. I highly recommend you booking lessons with Laura. She really has a passion for teaching students of all ages! I’ve seen Laura perform professionally. She is incredibly talented and I am so lucky to be learning from such a highly trained professional.

Amber F.,Seattle,USA

The best and funniest violin teacher! She has been extremely patient with me and my endless questions! 

Rosie C., Seattle, USA

Laura is a wonderful violin teacher. She has vast teaching and playing experiences which translates well into the classroom. I enjoyed her guidance on “getting back on the horse” after not playing violin for a couple of years. She assessed my skill level, met me where I was, and helped me get back on track with my technique. She is consistent, honest, and a wonderful violinist. Those are all qualities that I value in a violin teacher. I highly recommend!

Kelly F.

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