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online violin lesson
violin teacher with her students and teaching
online violin lessons

Violin lessons for all ages, abilities and styles

In-Studio or Online

       Laura´s number one goal as a teacher is to give her students not only the best violin instruction available, but also make sure they experience the love of music in a professional, fun, and pressure-free educational environment.

       Each student receives individualized guidance using Suzuki, American and European methods. The right technique is everything. Laura designs each lesson according to her students’ abilities and continuously adapts her teaching approach to their interests and needs as they evolve over time.

       Instruction is offered to both professionals and amateurs, as well as students preparing for specific goals such as concert performances, exams, auditions, or participation in a school orchestra. Recitals or masterclasses are always voluntary, though recommended.             Laura also specializes in teaching adult learners of all levels, from complete beginners to advanced players. She has students as young as 7 years and as old as 70.

       Laura firmly believes that music has a profound impact on our well-being, both physically and mentally. There are different parts of the brain that develop when learning an instrument, and the violin, in particular, plays a significant role. As the New York Academy of Sciences states,"Playing a musical instrument requires a complex skill set that depends on the brain’s ability to quickly integrate information from multiple senses. It has been well-documented that intensive musical training alters brain structure and function within and across multi-sensory brain regions, supporting the experience-dependent plasticity model."

Tuition for standard weekly lessons 

30-minute lessons: $250/month 

60-minute lessons: $475/month 

Tuition is due in advance on the first of each month.

         Regardless of the number of lessons received per month ,4 or 5, your monthly installment remains the same. Most students take lessons weekly; however more frequent sessions are recommended for those who desire faster progress.

         If a student is unable to attend their normal in-person lesson, they are encouraged to take it online at the originally scheduled time. Make-up lessons on a different date from their normal lesson time are provided with 24 hours advance notice, (excepting unforeseen circumstances), however the availability for make-up lesson times is limited. If you cancel the lesson within 24 hours of the scheduled lesson time, then you will be charged the full lesson fee. If the teacher cancels a lesson, either the lesson will be rescheduled at a mutually convenient time, or the student will be credited in a future session. 


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